Our mission is to spread joy and beauty into the world, one lovely domino at a time. In our studio in Texas, we transform ordinary dominoes into extraordinary ART YOU WEAR pendants called Phenominoes®. Each Phenomino comes on a ribbon that highlights the colors within the
ART PENDANT of your choice.

Since it'
s all about the art ... the classic size is best because it is
is big enough to see and it lays flat as you wear it. The CLASSIC
also features our Phenomino clasp that allows you to move your pendant from ribbons to chains to beads.
(Our Phenominoes are created to be lighter than a normal domino and it's not heavy at all as you wear it.)

The time came when we were asked to create matching earrings. That was (and still is) a great use for the MINI. But some people liked the small size for a pendant and, course, for children, it's ideal. Pair it with a CLASSIC
and you have a great Mom and Me set.

The 2 sizes:
The Classic - 2" tall by 1" wide
The Mini - 1" tall by 1/2" wide


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A note about custom.
Any photograph or image can now be on a Phenomino,
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and see the amazing art our artists' have to offer.


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